Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Happy project recipe kit - thinking out of the box

The happy album is fabulous for that on the go scrapbooker, planner enthusiasts or even if you just want a smaller scrapbook or like to journal  and take selfies.
I just just love the layouts,colors and those  little mini pocket pages of the happy project recipe kit #13 and was thinking it would go great in my 12x12 album.
Well here's some ideas to fit these great recipes into your 12x12

 Use in your F2F albums ...add a few photos and done.

or use with your favorite paper pack or cardstock with great stickers or embellishments

you can even rotate your recipe, if you have photos that are portrait style 

Check out this video of  these ideas

To get these Happy album project recipes and or any other beautiful  CM supplies go to

Happy Scrappin'

Saturday, 22 December 2018

Christmas Card - Rolling hills

Check out the steps below on how to put this fun card together.

For this Card you will need. 

  • Custom cutting system ( oval templates)
  • tape runner ( both regular and repositional)
  • Embossed Bow punch
  • winter vine punch
  • rolling hills border maker punch ( will be available soon in 2019)
  • midnight star border maker punch
  • foam squares
  • frost accent paper ( or paper of choice)
  • evergreen, white, navy, shimmer  cardstock
  • personal cutter
  • scissors

Cut white oval using the blue CCS (creating a 3 x 2 1/4 circle) and then without moving the template use the Red CCS cutter ( cutting a 3 1/2 x 3 3/4 circle) to form the frame

Use a 4 X 5 1/4 piece of patterned paper and 
cut an oval using the green cutter blade  (2 1/2 x  3 1/4) of the same template in the upper center so you leave room for the bow below.

Punch a embossed bow using the shimmer cardstock of choice

Punch out midnight star border using navy cardstock and cut a small strip of shimmer to go behind. Using white and evergreen cardstock, cut 2 rolling hills borders. Use the repostional taper runner to adhere the midnight star border to shimmer cardstock and off set the 2 rolling hills borders to create dimension. 

using the repositional tape runner, adhere the white oval border to the patterned paper. Using foam squares to create dimension. 

 Using navy cardstock, punch out a row of winter vine. Use scissors to cut a small smaller sections.

Us a 8 1/2 by 5 1/2 piece of white cardstock  and fold in half .
This will be your card base.
Use all parts and assemble to create this finished card.

Did you know that the embossed bow is in the GOING GONE section of the Creative Memories site? .. to get it while you can go to https://www.creativememories.ca/user/kristafrench . There is also a bonus promo that won't last long so fill your cart with 90$ worth of going gone products and get prompted at your card to get some freebies too.

Hope you have a Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas

Happy Scrappin'

Monday, 16 July 2018

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Quick and Easy Page with Fast2Fab pages

Take a F2F page of your choice ( this is one is from the My Memories Bundle )

 Grab the border maker system and cartridge of choice. (the one I used was the double chevron)
any other punch you would like to use ( punch pictured is starburst)
and a few matching embellishments.
 optional is  a few foam squares to add dimension ( not pictured)
card stock of choice ( goldenrod and  peacock are pictured)

Punch out items and place where desired. 
Tip: little clusters of embellishments  are appealing to the eye.
can also use the other parts of punches such as the heart border and starburst middle to enhance  your page.

 Foam squares are also a fun way to add dimension and great for layering 

Don't forget to journal some info about who's in the photos or when and what's the page about.
to get any of these supplies go to https://www.creativememories.ca/user/kristafrench

Happy Scrappin'

Friday, 16 March 2018

Fast 2 Fabulous in 5 minutes

Need to get some scrapbook pages done quickly, but don't have the time?.. Well, Fast 2 fabulous pages are a great way to go.. you can just add pictures and journal and be done, or you can custom it to your liking. There are lots of themes, and some can be used for any occasion, or just day to day. I used the Full Bloom collection. All the pages are preprinted.

Check out my video to see how easy it can be.

I added peekaboo pockets, which are great for photos, mat packs and even memorabilia, such as game tickets, birthday cards or that special drawing or art work  that you want to keep.

Here are some of the supplies I used for the layout

Here's some more ideas on how to use the collection

To buy any of the product shown here. please go to 
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Friday, 12 January 2018

One layout two ways - Imagine the possibilities

Imagine the possibilities that you could do with this layout. I've created 2 layouts, one with the imagine collection, and one with Archiver's™ digital collection. Supplies for both layouts are available to buy thru Creative Memories 

First up, the traditional method, with the imagine collection.

Love all the colours.  They are so vibrant. Great for any occasion, theme park trip, birthday or celebration. 

For this layout I used 
  • 4 - patterned papers ( 2 for cutting and 2 for the background.. but can do the layout without the background papers and create directly on Creative Memories refill pages if you like.)
  • 1 -  12x12 cranberry cardstock
  • 2 - mat pack cards.
  • imagine stickers to embellish
  • black sticker letters

Some tools I used 
  • straight trimmer
  • border maker system, with the new arrow border cartridge 
  •  CCS with 4" and 4.25 " circle template, using red and green cutters
  • scissors for cutting the flags.
  • foam squares 
  • tape runner and repositional tape runner ( not shown.)
  • black pen ( not shown)
  • multi-purpose tool to help put on sticker lettering

  You will also need 2 - 5x7 photos and  1 - 4x4 photo.. but can adjust layout to suit your needs.

Cutting instructions for patterned paper 

Cutting instructions for solid cardstock

after cutting cardstock use the border maker with arrow punch and punch 2 rows of arrows 
after use your straight trimmer and cut at the 1.25 mark and it would give equal paper on both sides

use the CCS to cut a  4x4 circle for photo ( red cutter) and 
4.25 x 4.25 circle for patterned paper (green cutter)

assemble all papers as shown

add sticker title, mats, and journaling

add other stickers and embellishments as desired.
Foam squares can also be put behind items to add dimension. 

TIP : the repositional tape runner is great for those small bits and  borders with intricate designs.
Doesn't show white tape. No mess. Just wipes of your table or paper.
also can take off and on your page, to move to desired location on your layout.

Next UP! The Digital version using Archiver's ™ Kit

you can order this digital kit thru Creative Memories

you can have fun playing with this digital layout 

You can use your favourite program or software that can except JPG and PNG files.
The nice thing about digital is that you can resize, rotate, and make shadows. You will never run out your favourite paper or that letter "E" that always seems to be needed, as you can paste it on your layout as many times as you like.

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