Wednesday, 25 November 2020

2020 Fall blog hop

 Welcome to the Creative Life Scrapbooking 2020 Fall Blog Hop

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For this project I used the Hello Autumn Collection 

I can't get enough of these beautiful embellishments.
With all the pieces that are embossed with gold .. its simple to make a fall layout. 

First I cut 2 - 6x6 squares using patterned paper. Then I used the arch border punch to create a frame.
With the edge of the square patterned paper .. line up the side with the line on the side of the punch, then line up the design for the next punch. Repeat as you go to the next side. 

Trim your photo to be 3.5 x 3.5 inches

Then cut one of the squares in 4 , lining up in the middle of the design.
rotate and repeat.  

this will create 4 pieces to use in the corners of your layout.

Have fun decorating with the embellishments and stickers ..

Arrange to highlight your middle photo.


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Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree 

For this project I use the cloud border maker cartridge, foam squares, the 12 inch trimmer, and the Christmas spirit Collection.

Using the border maker system, I punched 2 , 12 inch strips with one patterned paper and punched 2 , 12 inch strips with another papered paper..

Use the 12 inch trimmer to cut at 2inches in between cuts to create 4 pieces.

Using alternating patterned strips.. cut one strip at 6 inches then the next strip at 5 inches.. the same strip at the next 5inches and put all pieces aside.
last two pieces.. checking that they are 2 different patterned papers. Cut both at the 4.5 mark the move piece along and cut at 4inches.. This will leave a 3.5 piece.
Arrange all pieces from the bottom, partly stacking and alternating the patterned papers.

Use foam squares only in the middle area to attach, as you will be trimming edges to create the Tree shape.

Mark the center at the top of the tree. Using the 12 inch trimmer. Create a cut from the top middle of tree and to the bottom of the tree, Do this on both sides.

Complete the layout with stickers and embellishments using more foam squares to create dimension.

Hope you enjoyed this idea
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Friday, 28 August 2020

Back to school embellishments


Let's make a fun Crayon box for back to school 

for this crayon box embellishment, I used one 3 inch x 3.5 card stock and on 
3 x 4 inch card stock , the fire cracker punch , corner rounder, essentials 4 way punch and a bit of green cardstock, green pen and Custom cutting system ovals.

with the green blade in the middle template, cut a have of an oval out for the card stock

with a scrap of green cardstock cut out triangles to put in the corners .. then with green pen and a ruler draw the lines . 

With the fire cracker punch some colours as desired. I used some of the croptoberfest cardstock.. stay tuned..

Use  the corner rounder to punch and the essentials punch to punch the second piece.  

line up 8 fire cracker punchouts and adhere using the repositional tape runner

used the bold tip of the green pen and create the lettering.

Tip : book smarts embellishments and the upcoming Croptoberfest product, go fabulous together for all your fall layouts. stay tuned. 

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Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Slippn' slide out of summer


Slip and slide in and out of summers with this fun layout. I used the Electric summer collection, and with the decorated wave trimmer diagonally cut the yellow patterned paper to create the base for the title.

I printed 2x3 photos and placed on page as desired. 
Used a mat pack to finish of the title and decorated with stickers and embellishments 

    I used the alphabet stamp kit to create the title. 


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Friday, 26 June 2020

Bus stop Layout

For this layout I used the playtime Theme pack, Black Sans Serif ABC/123 Letter Stickers, some cardstock for matting, and the some rainbow rush papers I had. 

Let's Make Crayons!

Using the firecracker punch, punch different colors from your scraps.
for my layout I use 31 punches of the firecracker . I used 6 different colours, but you can use more or less colours, to suit your layout.

I used a 1.5 inch strip of patterned paper down the side.
then slid the firecrackers so they are all same length.

Repositional tape is the best to adhere the small punched pieces.

using the Black Sans Serif ABC/123 Letter Stickers, I made a school bus sign.
use your corner rounder to trim the edges. Use a ruler and double sided pen to draw around the edges.

finishes the corners free hand to create your nice sign.

Because of it being a school theme I decided to create a journal box that looked like school note book paper 

Finish off with stickers and foam squares to add dimension 

I added the sun border sticker from then new electric summer collection. I love how some many collections god so well together.

Hope you enjoy this idea for a bus stop page.

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Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Birthday Day Drive by layout

Hope your enjoying the Blog Hop so far.
Here is an idea for a Drive by Birthday page.
 As the Covid 19 as cancelled many events and celebrations, we have found ways to make birthdays and milestones still special and celebrated.
My Daughter was thrilled to have people honk and wave to wish her a Happy 7th Birthday.

For this layout I used the Happy BirthYAY collection and the new automobile collection. Also used the new on the road border maker cartridge.

Using the Happy BirthYAY  rainbow patterned paper punch out the on the road border maker punch.
Cut at 2 inches and the flip over and cut a wave using the decorative trimmer


use tape runner to adhere the border together and decorate with embellishments and stickers 

use the middle circle of the CCS with blue blade to create a circle for the number of choice.

On a automobile patterned paper.
Place with the balloon embellishments to make a cluster.

Don't forget to journal your story

Add  and arrange your photos and other embellishments to finish off the layout 

Hope you enjoyed my ideas
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